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Wall of Stone

Heather Robinson

Genre: Historical fiction

In AD121 the Twentieth Legion of Rome stands at the northern frontier of Britannia. Neglected by Rome, they must still do their duty for an Empire whose meaning is becoming lost to them. A young legionary’s loyalty is about to be tested.

Marcus Guintoli is a proud legionary of Rome serving with the Twentieth Legion who are stationed on the northern frontier of Britannia at the very edge of the Roman Empire. Forgotten, neglected and dour in spirit, the legion must still do their duty for Rome.

His loyalty is about to be sorely tested as his life intertwines with a local Brigante family whose peaceful existence is torn apart by the invading army. Will there be an uprising by the native tribes? Will the Legions push north? Can love survive in the turmoil on the edge of an empire? When peace is fragile, friendships count for everything.

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