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The Wolves of Dumnonia

Peter Fox

Category: Action/adventure
Three book series box set

Set during the turbulent Viking Age, this saga follows the lives of the two surviving heirs of the British kingdom of Dumnonia. Separated in childhood after an attack on the royal family, the brothers have led utterly different lives. As the saga unfolds, their paths converge as each seeks the other in their quest to reclaim their stolen kingdom.

A kingdom seized. Two surviving princes, separated by fate and distance. One seeks revenge; the other, belonging.

Set in the turbulent Viking Age and inspired by events recorded in the early medieval Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the Wolves of Dumnonia saga recounts the twilight years of one of the last great British kingdoms: Dumnonia. The series follows the lives of the two surviving heirs, Aneurin and Caelin, who are symbolized by the two wolves of their family’s royal standard. Separated in childhood during their treacherous uncle’s violent overthrow of Dumnonia, the two brothers have led utterly different lives as they have grown into manhood. A mystical strand of awareness binds them, however, and as the saga unfolds, their paths begin to converge as both wolven kin are driven by the same unwavering purpose: to one day return to their homeland and together reclaim their stolen kingdom.


The closest thing you’ll get to a time machine. Peter Fox’s rousing tale thrusts you into a dark age world that envelops every sense so powerfully you feel like you’re pounding through the mud beside the characters. A remarkable debut. Recommended.” (James Wilde, author of the bestselling Hereward series)

“An entertaining read for lovers of historical fiction, especially those who enjoy a Viking saga. I look forward to the next instalment.” (Juliet Marillier, author of the Blackthorn & Grim and Warrior Bards series)

The Shadow of Fenrir is a stirring tale of destiny and coming of age set in the time of the Vikings. Fox brings ninth-century Europe to vivid life in this spirited, action-packed adventure.” (Matthew Harffy, author of the Bernicia Chronicles)

This Box Set brings together the first 3 books of the series: The Shadow of Fenrir, A Thrall’s Crown, and Wolf of Dumnonia.

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