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The Tudor Court

Karen Heenan

Category: Drama, Romance

Three book series

The Tudor Court is more than kings (and too many queens). It’s ordinary people – minstrels and secretaries, movers and shakers – living and working in the shadow of the crown. Death, disease and intrigue lurk around every corner.

There are three books in The Tudor Court series, spanning the years 1516-1565:

Songbird: Bess Llewelyn grows from an unwanted child to a talented minstrel while navigating the dangerous currents of Henry VIII’s court.

A Wider World: After five years in exile, prickly, introverted Robin Lewis is arrested on a charge of heresy. His best chance of survival is to delay his journey to the Tower – by talking about himself.

Lady, in Waiting: Margaery Preston made a marriage of convenience that becomes very inconvenient when she and her husband – who both serve Elizabeth I – find themselves on opposite sides of almost everything that matters.

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