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The Third Daughter

Fiona Forsyth

Category: Drama

Rome, 68 BCE. As Julius Caesar begins his controversial career and Rome heads for civil war, a daughter is born to the prestigious Junius family. Tertulla grows up in the heart of political strife but has a more personal quest – is she Caesar’s child? Is she more than just another third daughter?

Rome, 68 BCE.

Julius Caesar begins his controversial career in government. At the same time, a third daughter, Tertulla, is born to the Junius family on the Palatine Hill. Tertulla grows up under the guidance of her brother, Marcus Brutus, and her mother Servilia, but when she discovers that her mother is Caesar’s mistress, she begins to wonder who her father might be.

Through civil war and the downfall of the Roman Republic, Tertulla realises how conflicted her family is, forced to choose between Caesar and the traditional Roman nobility. Her brief hope for peace and a secure marriage to her brother’s friend, Cassius, is shattered when Brutus leads a conspiracy to assassinate Caesar.

Widowed and childless, but a survivor, Tertulla lives on, watching the emperors take their place at the head of government, and waiting to reveal the answer to her life’s question – was Caesar her father?

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