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The Spinster’s Fortune

Mary Kendall

Category: Mystery/thriller

In 1929, penniless spinster Blanche lives out her days in a home for the elderly – but rumors abound of the fortune hidden in her crumbling Georgetown house. When Margaret, her distant niece, is named as executor, can she unravel the mysteries?

Moonlit alleys, shadowy tunnels and buried secrets…

Summer of 1929. Blanche Magruder lays alone in a home for the aged and infirm, of supposed unsound mind without a penny to her name.

Meanwhile, her house, a crumbled ruin in the heart of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., is pillaged nightly by thieves looking for treasure rumored to be hidden there.

A distant niece, Margaret O’Keefe, is tapped as executor and becomes embroiled in the hunt for recovering monies, taking it on as a welcome escape from her financial and marital woes.

Margaret discovers caches in unlikely spots throughout the house while family mysteries begin to unravel. As she questions whether Aunt Blanche is an insane fool or a daring genius, she also must wrangle with her own hidden truths.

Pressed towards a convergence of their pasts and presents, the two women must ultimately face down a fateful discovery in order to rectify their lives.

Shrouded in gothic undertones and dark artifice, The Spinster’s Fortune is a tale that takes the reader on a strange journey through tangled webs of family deceit…but where does it end?

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