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The Road from Fotheringhay

J.P. Reedman

Genre: Historical fiction

Before there was a King called Richard III, there was a boy, Richard of the House of York. A small boy whose father died in battle. Who had to flee abroad. A boy sent north by Edward IV, to train in the household of Warwick the Kingmaker. A place and a man that would shape the future course of Richard‘s life.

Before there was a King called Richard III, there was a boy, Richard of the House of York, youngest living child of his large, royal-blooded family. A son born as the Wars of the Roses burst into violence and war.

A small, thin, nervous boy who witnesses the terror of the sack of Ludlow and is taken prisoner in its aftermath, along with his mother Cecily and two of his siblings.

A child of eight sent for safety to a strange foreign land when his father is killed in battle and one of his brothers murdered, their heads spiked above the gates of York by the Lancastrian victors.

A young boy raised to knighthood and a Dukedom by his eldest brother, the warrior-king Edward IV, then sent to Middleham Castle to receive knightly training in the household of his kinsman, Richard Neville–the infamous Warwick the Kingmaker. A place and a man that will shape the future course of Richard‘s life…

Prequel to the bestselling I, Richard Plantagenet series.

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