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The Poison Keeper

Deborah Swift

Category: Drama

In Renaissance Italy, Giulia Tofana longs to learn the secrets of her mother’s apothecary business, but Mamma refuses to reveal them. But when Mamma is arrested for poisoning the powerful Duke de Verdi, Giulia is shocked to uncover the truth. Based on the life of Giulia Tofana, this is a story of how vengeance is transformed by courage and love.

An enthralling historical novel of Renaissance Italy.

Naples 1633.

Aqua Tofana – One drop to heal. Three drops to kill.

Giulia Tofana longs for more responsibility in her mother’s apothecary business, but Mamma has always been secretive and refuses to tell her the hidden keys to her success. But the day Mamma is arrested for the poisoning of the powerful Duke de Verdi, Giulia is shocked to uncover the darker side of her trade.

Giulia must run for her life, and escapes to Naples, under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, to the home of her Aunt Isabetta, a famous courtesan. But when Giulia hears that her mother has been executed, and the cruel manner of her death, she swears she will wreak revenge on the Duke de Verdi.


‘Fast-paced action and intriguing secrets’ (Historical Fiction Press 5 Star Award ★★★★★)

‘Her characters are so real they linger in the mind long after the book is back on the shelf’ (Historical Novel Society)

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