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The Music Hall Murder

Tracy Jennifer Johnson

Category: Mystery/thriller

London 1909. Gaiety Girl Ruby Redlick witnesses the theft of a maharajah’s emeralds and a chorus girl’s murder. Inspector Ruggle blames the crime on the dead girl and Ruby decides to investigate. Involved in decadent nightlife, filled with the occult, she comes closer to unmasking the real culprit. But can she get the evidence before the killer strikes again?

London 1909. Young Ruby Redlick escapes Upper Norwood for a life on the West End stage. After a perilous encounter, she meets Ivy, a Gaiety Girl who takes Ruby to her Soho lodgings. She’s soon introduced to the exciting world of the music hall with its aristocratic Stage-door Johnnies, as well as the Italian anarchists who throng Soho’s coffee houses.

Ruby is delighted with her new life, until one night she’s backstage when a thief steals a maharajah’s emerald jewels and an actress is murdered. Inspector Ruggle immediately blames the crime on the dead girl but Ruby is convinced she’s innocent and determines she’ll clear her name.

Involved in the decadent Belle Epoque London nightlife, filled with the occult, spirit magick and seance, she comes closer to unmasking the real culprit and endangers her own life. In a race across the country to an ancient Scottish castle, she must find the murderer before they strike again.

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