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The Mitford Murders

Jessica Fellowes

Category: Mystery/thriller
Five book series

Five Golden Age-style mysteries bursting with period detail and involving the glamorous Mitford sisters. The Mitford Murders is a thrilling and sumptuous series written by Jessica Fellowes, author of the number one bestselling Downton Abbey books.

This glittering series of mysteries, set in the early 1920s, features the Mitford sisters and their maid Louisa, who is the constant through their adventures. In The Mitford Murders, Louisa and Nancy solve the murder of a nurse on a train (based on a real unsolved case); in The Mitford Affair, there’s a death at the 18th birthday party of Pamela Mitford; in The Mitford Scandal, Louisa accompanies Diana Mitford and her new husband on a tour round Europe, but murder follows; in The Mitford Trial, Louisa and her own husband, police detective Guy, solve the case of a murder at sea after she is persuaded to look after tricky Unity Mitford, and in The Mitford Vanishing, Louisa and Guy go to find missing sister Jessica in Spain.


Praise for the Mitford series:

‘An extraordinary meld of fact and fiction’ (Graham Norton)

‘True and glorious indulgence. A dazzling example of a Golden Age mystery’ (Daisy Goodwin)

‘Exactly the sort of book you might enjoy with the fire blazing, the snow falling. The solution is neat and the writing always enjoyable’ (Anthony Horowitz)

‘I devoured The Mitford Murders… so will you. Give it to absolutely everyone for Christmas, then pre-order the next one’ (Susan Hill)

‘Keeps the reader guessing to the very end’ (Evening Standard)

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