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The Knox Trilogy

Marie Macpherson

Category: Drama

Three book series

Conflict, Chaos and Corruption in Reformation Scotland. Award winning historical fiction trilogy unravels the life of the fiery reformer, John Knox, during the turbulent period of the 16th century Scottish Reformation. ‘Macpherson has done for Knox what Hilary Mantel did for Cromwell …’ (Scottish Field)

Conflict, Chaos and Corruption in Reformation Scotland. This thrilling historical fiction trilogy unravels the life of the fiery reformer, John Knox, from his birth in 1513 to his death in 1572. The Knox Trilogy reads more like an adventure thriller than a history as the disillusioned Roman Catholic priest takes up the sword to fight for the Protestant faith. Freed from imprisonment in the galleys, he flees Mary Tudor’s persecution, crosses swords with Calvin, survives assassination to lead the Reformation and challenge Mary, Queen of Scots’ right to rule. Meanwhile, his most dangerous opponent his godmother Prioress Elisabeth Hepburn, attempts to thwart his overriding ambition.


‘Marie MacPherson’s compelling depiction of the life of John Knox adds immeasurably to our understanding of one of the most important figures of the 16th century and the circle in which he moved. This richly realized portrait of a complex man in extraordinary times is historical fiction at its finest.’ (Linda Porter, historian and author)

‘Macpherson has done for Knox what Hilary Mantel did for Cromwell by suggesting a hidden truth behind his much-maligned and misunderstood man.’ (Scottish Field)

The author deftly tackles a very complicated, emotionally charged subject and brings it to life with historical and emotional accuracy.’ (The Historical Novel Society)

‘Marie Macpherson has once again given us a cavalcade of flesh and blood characters living the early days of the Scottish Reformation in a complex tale told with economy and wit.’ (S. G. MacLean, author of The Seeker Series)

The trilogy has received multiple accolades including 5* seals of approval from The Historical Fiction Company, 5* Readers’ Favorite, A Discovered Diamond Book of the Month, and Coffee Pot Book Club Bronze Medal Book of the Year.

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