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The Girl from the Mountains

Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger

Category: Drama, Action/adventure

1942, Czechoslovakia: Magda’s blood runs cold when she sees the Germans coming up the road. Surrounded by tranquil mountains, she has felt far away from the raging war. But despite having friends in high places, her Jewish employers have been living on borrowed time. Until now. Now, the Gestapo have come for them. And Magda must decide: flee or fight?

1942. Czechoslovakia. Magda lowered the sleeping infant into the space beneath the floor and replaced the wooden slats. As she stepped back, she heard doors slamming, voices shouting in German, and the sound of dogs barking…

When the Gestapo arrive to arrest Magda’s kind, Jewish employers, she has only moments to save their newborn son Samuel.

All Magda had hoped for was to duck down, get through these dark days of the occupation. To live. To survive. And return home. But when the Nazis rip away the one precious thing Magda loves more than anything, can she find the courage to lift her head high and defy them? After all, not all battles are fought by soldiers…

By the award-winning author of Souvenirs from Kiev and The Woman at the Gates.

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