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The Ghosts of Oxney Bottom – All for a Secret

E. N. Huddleston

Category: Romance

Flora, an 18th century tomboy, is horrified to learn that her father has arranged for her to marry. She finds Fin Dawkins, a smuggler, injured and near death. As they fall in love, she learns of a dire family secret. How far will Flora go to keep the secret and her family safe, and at what cost to her happiness?

Mistress Flora Harrington is an 18th century tomboy; she wears breeches, rides astride the saddle and spends her days alone – drawing and reading adventure stories – which is exactly how she likes it. Then, to her horror, her father arranges an introduction to Captain James Reed, whom she is to marry.

Fin Dawkins is a shipwright and smuggler. He uses an abandoned chapel on Flora’s estate to hide his contraband until one day, injured and near death, Flora finds him. Soon they realise their feelings for each other but then, Stephen Harrington sends his sister a letter telling of a dire family secret. When Captain Reed learns of the secret and tries to use it in his favour, Fin and Flora’s simple lives become a whole lot more complicated.

How far will Flora go to keep the secret and her family safe and at what cost to her happiness?

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