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The Diplomat’s Wife

Michael Ridpath

Genre: Historical fiction

The Diplomat‘s Wife is part road trip around Cold War Europe, part pre-World War 2 spy thriller. 18-year-old Phil drives his grandmother around Europe in her sports car to visit the cities where she was a diplomat’wife before the war. “A gripping ride through pre-War Europe” (The Times)

1936: Devastated by the death of her beloved brother Hugh, Emma seeks to keep his memory alive by wholeheartedly embracing his dreams of a communist revolution. But when she marries an ambitious diplomat, she must leave her ideals behind and live within the confines of embassy life in Paris and Nazi Berlin. Then one of Hugh’s old comrades reappears, asking her to report on her philandering husband, and her loyalties are torn.

1979: Emma hires her grandson, Phil, to make one last trip to the places she lived as a young diplomatic wife. Their journey takes them to darker, more dangerous places than either of them could ever have imagined…

“A thrilling journey packed with twists, turns and hidden secrets. A real page-turner.” (Kate Ellis)

“A gripping ride through pre-War Europe” (The Times)

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