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The Castilians

V E H Masters

‘Historical Fiction at its absolute best’ (Bookly Matters). Scotland, 1546, and St Andrews Castle is under siege. For Will, trapped inside the castle fighting for the Protestant cause, and his sister Bethia, in peril in the town outside, the long siege becomes a desperate fight for survival.

‘By the end…I find myself hoping for a sequel, which shows how much I enjoyed this excellent novel.’ (Historical Novel Society Review)

1546, and Scotland is under attack from Henry VIII, determined to marry his son to the infant Mary, Queen of Scots.

A preacher is burned at the stake and group of lairds infiltrate St Andrews Castle and kill the instigator, Cardinal Beaton, who is Mary’s great protector. They hold the St Andrews Castle, expecting rescue any day from England.

Local lad Will is among them, fighting for the Protestant cause. His treasonous activities place his family in grave danger, forcing his sister Bethia into an unwelcome alliance. As the long siege unravels, Bethia and Will struggle over where their loyalties lie and the desperate choices they each must make.

This debut novel closely follows the dramatic historical events of the siege.

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