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The Beggar Queen

Kelly Evans

Category: Drama

Merovingian France: where kings died young, mayors held all the power, and treachery stalked the land. For Bathilde, kidnapped in England and sold as a slave to an important Frankish politician, life as she knows it is over. But fate has a way of intervening…

Kidnapped in 7th century England and sold as a slave to a powerful mayor in France, Bathilde needs to adapt to survive. When the mayor’s beloved wife passes away, he looks to Bathilde for comfort. Fleeing his attentions, she is forced to live on the streets until she catches the king’s eye and everything changes.

Now a queen, Bathilde must provide the king with heirs and continue the charitable and social work that has become her life, all the while fighting her detractors. By the end of her days, Bathilde had changed the face of medieval France forever.

How did a slave navigate the treacherous Merovingian courts and rise to rule an empire? And why have so few people heard of her?

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