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N H Champken

Category: Action/adventure

Fast-action and suspense are interwoven into this taut tale of betrayal and redemption which is set in 1809 against a backdrop of early industrialization, smuggling, radicalism and war. If you like fast-paced adventure, multiple layers of historical detail, and intriguing tales based on real events, then you’ll love Spindrift!

Nathaniel Egan’s young life has been battered by uncontrollable events. Forced from his family’s land in 1807, he has to find menial work in one of the new manufactories.

His wife dies of consumption caused by industrial filth, and increasing mechanisation drives him from his home and employment.

The embittered young man reacts by becoming embroiled in a radical machine attack, but violent reprisals by the authorities force him to run.

He escapes on a river trading boat, hoping to find a new life, but an unscrupulous bargee sells him into the navy.

He is befriended by a young, aristocratic Midshipman named Jacob Ebbs, who supports and protects him. So why does Egan totally betray his benefactor amid the famous explosion-ship battle at Aix Roads?

It is action and suspense all the way, as the unlikely duo struggle to redeem their friendship, but manage to combine their efforts to sink the first naval steamboat.

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