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T.R. Burgess

Genre: Historical fiction, Fantasy

Book One of The Serpents of Caesar historical fantasy series set in an alternate first century Europe – the Roman Empire, but not as we know it. When Praetorian Guard Verendus finds a sinister symbol from his past, he’s caught up in a web of treachery, secrets, and lies. Bronze Medal Winner: “Historical Alternative” Category, HFC Book of the Year 2022.

In an alternate first century Rome, treachery casts a long shadow…

When Praetorian Guard Verendus answers a plea to return home, he finds military unit “the Watch” terrorising the island of Iolia. The Watch signum is a sinister symbol he encountered years ago on a barbarian battleground. As his suspicions mount that the ascendance of the Watch and the signum’s presence in Iolia are more than coincidence, he’s plunged into danger.

In Iolia’s Temple of the Flame, handmaid Corinna is accused of theft. Determined to extricate herself, she makes a desperate decision. A decision that will propel her into Verendus’ path.

Both need to escape from the island. Neither trusts the other. As old ghosts stir and a deadly adversary comes to the fore, the Watch closes in.


‘Burgess calls up the first-century setting in vivid detail.’ (Fay Sampson, author)

‘Full of fast-paced action, well-researched historical elements and amazing characters.’ (Historical Fiction Company: Five Star “Highly Recommended” Award)

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