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Risking Exposure

Jeanne Moran

Category: Action/adventure

A shy Hitler Youth photographer documents her group’s activities but remains silent about the atrocities she sees. Then she gets polio. Photos she takes of her fellow polio patients are twisted into propaganda, mocking people like her, people with disabilities. Her only weapon is her camera. This well-researched historical novel is based on the Nazi’s seldom-mentioned T4 pogrom.

Munich, Germany, 1938. The law mandates membership in Hitler Youth for all teens. Timid fourteen-year-old Sophie Adler is delighted to be named the troop’s official photographer.

Then she contracts polio. During her long hospitalization, her Youth leader supplies her with film. Without Sophie’s knowledge, her photographs of fellow polio patients are turned into propaganda, mocking people with disabilities.

Sophie’s new disability has changed her status. She has become an outsider, a target of Nazi scorn and possible persecution. Her only weapon is her camera.

This historical novel is a clean read, appropriate for middle-grade, YA, and adult book club readers.

A 5-star Readers Favorite and B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree for Historical Fiction.

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