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Reschen Valley Series – Season 1: 1920-1924

Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger

Category: Drama
Three book series box set

She wants her home. He wants control. The Fascists want both. When Katharina Thaler discovers an Italian war veteran stabbed and left to die on her Tyrolean mountain, saving his life will thrust her into a labyrinth of corruption, prejudice and greed. The award winning series starts here. Includes the prequel.

A plan to flood out her valley. A means to destroy her culture.

1920. Former Austrian Tyrol.

When Katharina Thaler, a young Tyrolean farmer, finds a wounded Italian engineer in the mountains of the Reschen Valley, her decision to save his life thrusts both of them into a labyrinth of corruption, prejudice and greed.

Angelo Grimani, a civil engineer, knows the details of a project that will destroy Katharina’s valley. Not in favour of it himself, he returns home to fend off the forces that envision the biggest reservoir in Italy, headed by Angelo’s own father.

As the Tyroleans gear themselves to fight for their land, the Fascist party gathers power and momentum. Katharina and Angelo must each decide what to protect: love or country?

Dive in and discover the gripping saga based on a history you never knew. This box set contains the first three of six books: No Man’s Land: Part 1, The Breach: Part 2, and the dark prequel to the story, The Smuggler of Reschen Pass, plus bonus material. Save now on the regular individual retail price!

Winner of the Coffee Pot Book Club Book Award 2019 (Best Box Set); Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2019 Finalist, Discovering Diamonds Book of the Month Finalist 2019 and a Flash Fiction 500 Novel Award winner 2018.

★★★★★”Wonderfully addictive. Lucyk-Berger is a born storyteller.” (Mary Anne Yarde, Coffee Pot Book Club blogger)

★★★★★”A gripping set of historical novels packed with political intrigue and memorable characters. A FINALIST and highly recommended.” (The Wishing Shelf Book Awards)

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