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Out of the Bower

A.E. Walnofer

Category: Romance

London, 1817: A young street preacher falls in love, not knowing the woman has just escaped from a brothel. He proposes marriage, but she is intent on freeing the friend she left behind and enlists the besotted man to help her. If she divulges all, what will become of their budding attachment? And will her friend ever escape?

London, 1817: When Barclay, a young street preacher, encounters Honora, injured on the street, he doesn’t know she has just escaped from a brothel. Taking her home to recover amongst his family, he falls in love with the vivacious girl, believing she is divinely appointed to become his wife.

Honora knows that the good-hearted gentleman’s attentions would likely ensure her future happiness, but she is intent on liberating Celia – the friend she was forced to leave behind. Telling Barclay only parts of her own story, Honora enlists the besotted young man to help her.

When their plan goes awry, Honora realizes that only the truth can deliver them from the maelstrom in which they find themselves. But if she divulges all, what will become of their budding attachment? And will Celia ever gain her freedom?

Out of the Bower tells the tale of a forbidden romance, an ardent friendship, and the ever-essential redemption of self.

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