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North Star Home

Megan Easley-Walsh

Ann Scarlet is no thief, but when the Yankee sheriff catches her, she might just steal his heart. Ann Scarlet has a single goal when journeying from her home in Savannah to Nebraska in 1875: find Whitaker and get back the land deed he stole from her brother. It seems simple enough, until Sheriff Crambert catches her red-handed…

Ann Scarlet is no thief, but when the Yankee sheriff catches her, she might just steal his heart.

Resourceful and devoted Ann Scarlet is on a mission: retrieve her family’s land deed that was stolen. Leaving Savannah in 1875, she journeys into the wild west. With her horse, she’s guided by her determination and her heart.

Sheriff Crambert has loved and lost before. He’s not making that mistake again. Life in Nebraska is a welcome change from fighting for the Union. There’s plenty to keep him busy with being the sheriff. Things like catching Ann Scarlet red-handed.

Ann doesn’t seem like other criminals. For one thing, her manners are more polite, and she smells a lot better. Not to mention that her nose scrunches adorably and she’s beautiful. Maybe she just needs a little rehabilitating. Then again, maybe the sheriff is the one who’s being reformed as Ann begins to thaw his frozen heart.

When the dangerous man who stole her land appears, Ann endangers the sheriff’s growing trust in her. If they don’t learn to be honest with each other, they could forever lose her land and their chance at true love.

If you like historical romance with depth, sweet love stories, and characters driven by faith, get your copy of North Star Home today.

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