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No Song in a Strange Land

Marion Macdonald

Category: Drama

One Woman. Two Men. Secrets and Lies. No Song in a Strange Land is an emotional and thought-provoking historical novel set in the period 1910-1920.

One Woman. Two Men. Secrets and Lies. Chrissie MacIntosh dreams of marrying the Factor’s son, Colin Donaldson, and becoming mistress of the big house where he lives, instead of the servant that she is. Eventually, she does become mistress of the Factor’s house, but not in the way she envisages.

The novel follows the marriage of Chrissie to Roderick Macdonald and her journey from the Hebridean Island of North Uist in Scotland to the prairies of Saskatchewan in Canada to become a homesteader’s wife and back home again just in time for the outbreak of World War 1. Set against the backdrop of the period from 1910 to 1920, it is the story of an ordinary woman placed in extraordinary circumstances.

An emotional and thought-provoking historical novel, No Song in a Strange Land is part love story, part family saga and part reflection on the social and political issues of the era that will keep the reader captivated until the last page.

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