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Murray of Letho

Lexie Conyngham

Genre: Historical fiction, Mystery

Three book series box set

Charles Murray, a young gentleman in Regency Scotland, confronts university lecturers, mad aristocrats and Edinburgh lawyers to solve murders and save the day.

Charles Murray is a student at St. Andrews University when we first meet him in 1802, and later secretary and tutor to the eccentric Lord Scoggie. Soon he inherits his own estate with its closeknit household staff, and finds himself investigating murders mostly in Edinburgh and Fife, but also further afield – in London and Sussex, in the west of Scotland, and even in one book as far away as India.

Tragedy and injury take their toll but he is supported by his father’s old friend, Alester Blair, Blair’s daughter Isobel, and a host of other characters from all ranks of society. Charles Murray is not without his flaws and often makes mistakes, but he is determined to do his best by the victims of terrible crimes, and see justice done.

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