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Local Resistance

J.G. Harlond

Genre: Historical fiction

Book 1 in the award-winning Bob Robbins Home Front Mystery series. Porthferris is a village with a lot of secrets, some more sinister than others, but one could change the history of the nation. ‘Endearing characters combined with details of wartime life – a mix of secluded charm and unsettlingly mysterious happenings so distinctly Cornish’ (Robert Wilton – prize-winning author)

A Second World War cozy crime novel with a very sinister twist.

While dumpy, grumpy, aging Detective Sergeant Bob is investigating the disappearance of a drunken fisherman, he becomes entangled in war-profiteering then murder.

An odious rationing inspector has a fatal car-crash and his wife dies a week later. The crash is suspicious; the wife’s death a clear case of poisoning. Everyone disliked them, but who disliked them enough to commit murder?

Then Bob stumbles on what is happening in a disused copper mine, which changes everything. But what has this to do with missing vegetables, stolen water and an assault on a respectable old woman?

Based on real events, Local Resistance includes details of what became known as Churchill’s Secret Army.

A Discovering Diamonds Book of the Month.

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