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John Pilkington

Category: Mystery/thriller

In the toxic, post-Gunpowder Plot world of England in 1616, ex-Justice Robert Belstrang goes to London to find the missing son of a Catholic neighbour and is caught up in a conspiracy that stems from the very heart of King James’s council.

This is the first book in a successful trilogy, Fortune and Fate, set in 1616-1618, by bestselling historical fiction author John Pilkington. It follows the travails of an ageing ex-Justice, ousted from the magistrate’s bench for his outspoken views, who always helps the underdog and in the process gets caught up in various adventures.

‘A spellbinding journey’ (author Peter Tonkin)

‘A joy from mysterious beginnings to a satisfying conclusion by a master storyteller’ (author Paul Walker)

‘A darn good read’ (Andrea Zuvich, author and host of ‘The 17th Century Lady’ blog/site)

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