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Juno’s Peacock

Heather Robinson

Category: Drama

AD79. Slave girl Decima escapes during the confusion as Mount Vesuvius erupts. “What you do is who you become,” and she becomes Maia Secunda, free born citizen, liar and thief. Can she keep her shameful past hidden in the ashes that cover Pompeii as she chases her dreams, or will her lies unravel?

Exposed to the elements as an infant and left to die by her parents, Decima is rescued and taken into slavery. She is then cast aside and condemned to die by her mistress as she reaches eleven seasons. Yet the gods must favour the slave girl Decima, saving her as Mount Vesuvius explodes devastating Pompeii.

Vowing to fulfil whatever purpose the gods ask of her in return, she must first use guile to survive. “What you do is who you become,” and Decima becomes Maia Secunda, free born citizen, liar and thief.

Fate leads her to Puteoli and on to Roma to help with the double disasters of fire and plague which are ravaging the city. Assisted by some, used by others, Maia is seeking her true bloodline and the highest patronage from Emperor Titus, but to succeed she must keep her shameful past buried in the ashes that cover Pompeii.

This is her life to live.

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