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Journeys: the Archers of Saint Sebastian

Jeanne Roland

Category: Romance, Action/adventure

15-year-old Marieke disguises herself as a boy at the all-male archers’ guild of St. Sebastian, which she suspects houses her father’s brutal killers. Soon she’s determined to help the most charming young Journeyman in the place win the annual guild trials, without ever letting him discover her secret.

Marieke is obsessed with the guild of St. Sebastian, where every year the twelve best young Journeymen archers compete for a coveted spot on the prince’s bodyguard. But when she’s forced to flee to the guild to escape her father’s killers, there are only two things Marieke really knows about the place: one is that a mysterious accident ended her own father’s chances as a Journey.

The other? There are no women allowed inside Saint Sebastian’s.

Disguising herself as a boy means a dangerous deception. But it’s Marieke’s only chance to learn the truth about her father, and when the charming Tristan makes her his squire, she’s got to stay long enough to help him beat out his brutal arch-rival. Keeping her identity will be hard. Living among a pack of gorgeous boys? That will be harder still. But hardest of all will be keeping her vow to see Tristan become the next guardsman, without letting him find out she’s a girl who loves him.

Robin Hood meets Mulan and Princess Bride in this frothy but literate romantic romp through 14th-century Belgium.

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