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Imperial Passions – The Porta Aurea

Eileen Stephenson

Genre: Historical fiction

11th Century Byzantine politics sends young Anna Dalassena into exile with her family. That bleak situation turns promising after meeting a handsome soldier, John Comnenus. Power struggles and betrayals push Anna and John into the epicenter of the Byzantine court before gambling that a rebellion might bring the imperial throne within her family’s grasp. Is it worth the danger?

At the center of Byzantine society, young Anna Dalassena lives with her grandparents among the powerful leaders in Constantinople before cutthroat politics sends them into exile. Anna’s bleak situation turns promising after meeting the young soldier, John Comnenus, and his older brother, Isaac. After being allowed to return to Byzantium, Anna and John hope to marry. The couple are pushed unwillingly into political power struggles and betrayals. Finally, a rebellion puts her life and those of everyone she loves at risk, but with the tantalizing reward of a throne for her family. Is it worth the danger?

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