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Guinevere: The Dragon Ring

Fil Reid

Category: Historical fantasy, Romance

Book One in the Guinevere Series. The present – when Gwen, twenty-four, scatters her father’s ashes on Glastonbury Tor, she’s kidnapped back in time to become King Arthur’s queen – Guinevere. The late fifth century – Prince Arthur rules Dumnonia from a hilltop fort, adamant nothing can forge his future but his own achievements. Until Merlin introduces him to Guinevere

When Gwen’s father dies, she goes to scatter his ashes on top of Glastonbury Tor. In the ruined church tower, a gold ring embossed with a dragon emblem catches her eye. Picking it up, she’s snatched into the dangerous world of the Dark Ages, where she’s expected to fulfill a prophecy by marrying Prince Arthur and helping him become the king of legend.

Arthur, Prince of Dumnonia, has ruled the hilltop fortress of Din Cadan for his father since he was a boy. Tall, handsome, ruthless, he’s unconvinced any prophecy can decide his future, and he doesn’t want a wife. When news comes that his father is dying in far-off Viroconium, he’s determined to outwit his hated older brother, so he takes Gwen north with him, away from the Tor where she had hoped to return to her own world.

Can Arthur and Gwen grow to love one another?

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