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From Suits to Kilts

Callie Berkham

Stuck in the past with a handsome Highlander… What’s a modern girl to do? Abby is horrified when the orb her parents left sends her into the midst of a 1746 war. While rescuing an injured Scottish soldier, she loses the orb, and now she is terrified she has lost her one way to return home.

Stuck in the past with a handsome Highlander… What’s a modern girl to do?

Historian Abby Davis finds a mysterious gift from her deceased parents. Her curiosity with the strange orb transports her straight onto an ancient Scottish battleground and into the adventure of her life. Abby is stunned to learn it is 1746 but she is terrified when she loses the orb and her only way home. Saving the life of a valiant warrior, she hopes he will help her get home.

The Laird, Iain MacLaren, had resigned himself to death on the moor, but a Sassenach angel hauls him off the field. The strange—but beautiful—woman heals his injuries, and he vows to repay the debt. She is desperate to find her family keepsake and return home. However, the more time he spends with the woman, the less he wants to say goodbye.

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