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City of Liars

Michelle Fogle

Category: Drama, Romance

When the Inquisition holds its first public execution in Barcelona, a Catholic heiress and a Jewish navigator are drawn into a secret alliance to smuggle would-be targets to safety by sea. As the two help fugitives escape, a forbidden love grows between them. Can they save innocents while evading their own execution?

Barcelona, 1487. Joachim Déulocresca carries the weight of his father’s sins. Determined to honor his family name and rise above his shameful origins, he risks everything to smuggle sacred Jewish ritual objects under the Inquisition’s nose. But when his mentor is arrested for heresy, the young navigator won’t rest until he finds justice – despite being wanted himself.

Catholic heiress Aularia Bautista wants for nothing. Sheltered from the harsh reality of the world, she’s horrified when a social rival is burned for her religion. Plagued with guilt, she vows to take action. She joins Joachim’s secret alliance to rescue those in the Church’s warpath.

As they help victims escape, Joachim falls hard for the driven beauty. Aularia uncovers the real nature of her parents’ history, and now their unlawful love puts them both in jeopardy.

Can their heart-stopping rescue mission outfox the vicious regime, or will it cost their lives?

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