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Captive Hearts: A Persuasion Variation

Kelly Miller

Genre: Historical fiction

In this Regency variation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Captain Wentworth re-examines the agonizing circumstances of his bitter break from Anne Elliot, reaching a novel conclusion. But before he can act upon his new resolve, a dire twist of fate threatens Anne’s life.

Will Captain Wentworth realize too late that he has a second chance at love?

With a successful naval career and a fortune to his name, Frederick Wentworth receives a hero’s welcome from his sister’s neighbours.

But one person presents a source of vexation. Years earlier, Miss Anne Elliot had reneged on her promise to marry Wentworth, revealing a significant character flaw. Yet Anne’s unmarried state, her altered demeanour, and her resolute avoidance of Wentworth raise questions that gnaw at his composure.


“This is the most perfect romantic, old-fashioned historical novel I have read for a very long time.” (Readers’ Favorite)

“The timeless story of Captain Frederick Wentworth and the unpretentious Miss Anne Elliot is resurrected in Kelly Miller’s brilliant and surprising retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.” (Indies Today)

“An absolute treat for any Jane Austen fan!” (Amanda Kai, Author, Marriage and Ministry)

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