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Black Jade

Gloria Oliver

Genre: Historical fiction, Mystery

Could a gorgeous old ballgown be used to commit murder? In 1930 Dallas, TX, being a woman, Chinese, and blind during what the press has dubbed the ‘Yellow Terror,’ it is best to go unnoticed. But circumstances force Daiyu into action, no matter the consequences.

She has the murder weapon. Now she just needs to find the body and the murderer. But can her need for justice shield her from death?

Dallas 1930. Daiyu Wu never hungered for justice. Blind since birth she’s frustrated at her parents’ overprotectiveness, so when she realizes there’s been a murder she keeps them in the dark. The police are unaware of the misdeed so she feels compelled to find proof and drag the evil act into the light.

Worrying her parents will figure out what she’s up to, Dai continues to dig for clues as to the victim’s identity. But dread cloaks her when she’s targeted by a spoiled rich girl whose actions might allow the killer to slither away scot-free.

Can Dai safely navigate the pitfalls as she unearths the name of the deceased and hunts those involved, or will she take a misstep and expose herself and her family to deadly retaliation?

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