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An Evil Planned

Theo Faurez

Category: Mystery/thriller

Antioch-on-the-Orontes, 100 C.E. A young Greek heiress is murdered in broad daylight. Was she the intended victim, or was it her escort? Are her rejected suitors as innocent as is claimed? What about her brothers who inherit her fortune? The first book in a series featuring Captain Antonius Sabas, a Syrian Greek with a talent for deductive reasoning.


A classic-style murder mystery set in the early Roman Empire. Follow Antonius Sabas, the amateur detective, and his equally untrained helpers (a bibliophile brother, a disowned Jewish woman and a Greek youth). Hemmed in by power-mad Romans and back-stabbing Greeks, they must gather clues to unmask an elusive murderer whose identity will only become public in the final reveal. Match wits with the detective and his team: can you name the murderer (or murderers) before they do?

But what about the Captain’s own troubled past? What brought about an estrangement from his family? What secrets are threatening his life and future? Will he muster the courage to confront those ghosts and reunite with loved ones?

The first book in a mystery series set in ancient Antioch, the opulent, proud decadent capital of Greek-speaking Roman Syria, in the year 100 C.E.

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