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A Shadow Life

Leta McCurry

Genre: Historical fiction

1930s United States. Young Laney Hawkins, covered in blood and alone, is on the run for her life. She finds a way to hide in plain sight, building a near-perfect life, until three people from her past show up looking for revenge, redemption, and love. She must run again or stand her ground and face the enemy. Her life depends on it.

The dire poverty and helplessness of the Southern country women in the 1930’s Great Depression is the backdrop for the desperation that drives one woman into a cruel relationship that begins a tale of murder, secrets, a handsome stranger, and a stalking villain.

A twisted tale of assumed identity, Laney, spends years hiding and living a lie to save her skin and not get murdered by the abuser who killed her mother. It works until the stalker who lurks at the edges of the story like a predatory insect shows up, then the mother that wasn’t followed by the brother that wasn’t.

A story of how to get rid of ugly and say yes to love.

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