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A Heart To Survive

George Fillis

Genre: Historical fiction

First in a series: Leaving his home and family behind, 14-year-old Tao Wen Shun flees 1950s China. When he arrives in Canada, can he persevere amid unexpected new hardships? A Heart to Survive is a stirring novel inspired by actual events. “The Collingwood Series is Canadian historical fiction at its best…” (Midwest Book Review)

“The Collingwood Series is Canadian historical fiction at its best…Readers are in for an extraordinary read that blends a coming-of-age experience with a window into Canadian culture, race relations of the 1950s, romance, and a young immigrant’s ability to persevere against all odds.” (Midwest Book Review)

During the 1950s, 14-year-old Tao Wen Shun, the trustworthy son of an educated Chinese family, flees China, leaving his home and family behind — but what awaits him in Canada?

Wen Shun must persevere amid unexpected new hardships in this compelling novel inspired by true events. First in a series that takes readers on an epic journey into the historical past of two nations divided by culture and continents.

Fans of All the Light We Cannot See, The Nightingale, and Unbroken will enjoy this riveting saga of history, suspense, and love.

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